jean-françois boclé
Africultures-Juin 2014, France-# 98-ref482
Les armes miraculeuses

Acts of the symposium "Les armes miraculeuses".
Under the direction of Françoise Vergès.

Proceedings of the symposium "Les armes miraculeuses" that took place at the Museum Quai Branly in May 2013 in Paris about the "living legacies from the worlds of slavery".

"Outre-Mémoire. Un mémorial sonore et visuel", text of Jean-François Boclé about The Outre-Mémoire project (Jean-François Boclé, Thierry Pécou, Alexandre Tharaud).

"The symposium has chosen to explore the "immaterial" practices inherited from the worlds of slavery in the French colonial empire. "

Publication black and white, 25 x 16 cm, 223 pages, mai 2014, France, L'Harmattan.
ISBN: 978-2-343-03647-2

Quai Branly - Colloque

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