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Cd Outre-Mémoire-Oct 2004, France--ref236

Cd Contemporary Music

Outre-Mémoire, 2004, Thierry Pécou,Cd, 63'49, piece of one hour for piano solo and ensemble, Cd label aeon
-World Premiere, october 2004, Festival Automne en Normandie (ex Octobre en Normandie), Rouen
-France, the CD was Nominated for Victoires de la Musique 2005 -composer of the year).
Référence aeon of the CD : AECD 0423
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The Cd Outre-Mémoire is a part of a project between a contemporary composer and a visual artist. Pécou and Boclé.

To conveive this Cd, the intententions was to mix arround the piece recorded on this disk of Pécou the global project. The visual artist Dolores Marat was invited to Praha to give a global view (photographic) about the entire Project : the piece of Pécou played in the same space than the solo show of Boclé (solo show in the 800 m2 of the Museum) in Eckotechnike Museum in 2004. The Cd contains photographs of Jean-François Boclé’s exhibition in Praha in 2004 "Outre-Mémoire" (cover(s),  and booklet), and also texts of Boclé.

Jean-François and Thierry Boclé Pécou, both from Martinique, developed between 2004 and 2007 regular collaboration to open up contemporary arts (contemporary music and visual arts).

One modality that took this work is Outre-Mémoire Project1. This traveling project, 2004-2007, travelled in Europe and South America, took place in spaces permetting organic displacments for the public between visual arts and music.

The links between Pécou and Boclé, was the common desire to question their two pratices (contemporary music / visual art) one speaking to the other, their two tropismes as contemporaries artists. Another link, unknow when they met in 2002, is that Jean-François Boclé was born and lived in Martique, and that Thierry Pécou was Born at Boulogne  (France) from parents Martinicans. So powerfull links and the evidence of a meeting.

That was the space were they thought to Outre-Memoire Project, a reflexion about a part of the American continent, of Caribbean, the deportatation and the enslavement of human beings in the "Black Atlantic".

Outre-Mémoire Project : with the support of Festival Automne en Normandie (command), the Music department (Vincent Agrecht)  of AFAA ( now Institut Français), Institut Français de Prague (Didier Montagné, ex director), the musical label aeon and the French Ambassies of Combia and Ecador, of the Conseil Général de la Seine-Maritime, the Conseil Général du Val de Marne, of the Spedidam. And unfailing support of Valerie Weinzaepfel recently disappeared, administrator of ensemble Zellig.

1- Thierry Pécou enregistre en 2004 "Outre-Mémoire", 64'02, pour piano seul et trois instruments chez aeon et chez harmonia mundi en 2008, "Outre-Mémoire, variances" pour piano seul), deux nouvelles occasions de croiser leur pratiques artistiques autour de ces deux objets.

- SEE the performance "Chut! Des Hommes tombent..."

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